How Marijuana may help Sustainable Growing



The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is a fast growing trend in the US and around the world. While this is a highly controversial topic, I think the legalization of marijuana could have many benefits on our food and agricultural systems, which could lead to more sustainable growing practices.

Edenshield, a new Israeli company, supports this idea well. The company has recently created a natural pest repellent to use for agricultural purposes. The company’s largest investment interests are medical marijuana operations that are turning to more sustainable production methods for health purposes.

The pest repellent is produced with natural compounds from a desert plant, and is supposed to be a healthy alternative to traditional pesticides and insecticides, according to a recent Huffington Post article. If all of this is true, this new product could potentially have significant impacts on the agricultural industry and specifically on our food system.

This product would be every organic and or sustainable farmer’s dream, because it is not only chemical free, and therefore ok for people to consume, but is also safe for insects and not harmful to the environment. However, because it is such a new product, which we don’t know that much about yet, traditional food-producing farmers are apprehensive about its use. Which is why the growing trend of legalizing marijuana may be beneficial in order to test its potential and safety, before it enters the larger agricultural industry and food system.

As the trend of legalizing marijuana gets bigger and bigger, the need for improved growing technologies of this crop is in higher demand. Many companies that specialize in agricultural products are working to improve growing techniques for the marijuana industry. A good example of this is GreenGro Technologies, a world-class provider of eco-friendly agricultural technologies. The company admits that a substantial amount of its customers are medical marijuana producers, according to an article from

Although GreenGro provides products for many sectors of the agricultural industry, including farmers who produce fruits and vegetables, much of the company’s profits come from the marijuana industry. This large amount of profits help the company be successful, and allow it to continue to improve their technologies and pursue their vision of producing sustainable products.

Without the marijuana industry there would be less funding for improving and producing technologies, such as hydroponics and other eco-friendly technologies, which would keep us from moving in a more sustainable direction. And as the trend of legalizing marijuana becomes greater, the demand and funding for these kinds of eco-friendly technologies will continue to increase, allowing for companies to further improve their growing technologies.


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