Bureo Inc.’s Creative take on Social Responsibility

skateboard-99108_640Ever wondered how a skateboard company could be sustainable? Well Bureo Inc. pulls it off. This company is focused on creating hip, sustainable skateboards, from unusual materials.

The company has centralized its corporate social responsibility around minimizing fishing pollution by creating a recycling program for fishing nets along the coast of Chile. The program, known as “Net Positiva,” focuses on the global environmental issue of plastic pollution in our oceans by providing fisherman with an environmentally sound way to dispose of nets. Bureo then collects these fishing nets and uses them to make unique trendy boards, which are then sold for profit.

Bureo Skateboards Logo

Bureo Skateboards Logo

This program is a phenomenal way for a youth targeted, hip company to give back. The program doesn’t just seem like something Bureo put together to make itself look good; instead the company’s entire business model revolves around improving this problem.

The founders began by identifying a crucial global issue and then found a creative way to help improve the problem and better the environment, all while also producing a unique product to sell for profit. This kind of integrated approach to corporate social responsibility is the best way for businesses of all industries to give back authentically.

And talk about phenomenal promotional opportunities, the company’s products come from an environmental movement that is helping to reduce plastic pollution to keep our oceans cleaner and protect the marine wildlife. As if that wasn’t enough, these same products also encourage a healthy active lifestyle, so it would be difficult for anyone to speak negatively about this company or its efforts.

photo from wikimedia

photo from wikimedia

While Bureo is eventually hoping to expand its environmental efforts outside of Chile, starting in this country was an extremely smart move. The company’s products are manufactured in Chile, so focusing on reducing the ocean pollution at the source localizes the program’s efforts. This localization element helps the company’s impact feel even more authentic and is also more useful for promotional purposes.

I couldn’t think of a better way for a startup, profitable business to go about giving back to the world. And I am not the only one who thinks this business is onto something. Patagonia, the athletic clothing company that is well known for its sustainable practices, has also been impressed by Bureo’s endeavors. This highly successful company recently invested in Bureo’s efforts to help the company fulfill its broader vision for a global program.

Check out Bureo’s “Patagonia Works” video to learn more about this awesome new company: http://business.transworld.net/155854/news/patagonias-20-million-change-invests-bureo-skateboards/

Bureo is a shining example of a responsible and innovative business and entrepreneurs of all industries should take notes.


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