M&C Meetings and Conventions take on Sustainability

M&C Meetings and Conventions, a huge event coordinating company that puts on events all around the world for all sorts of industries, is promoting sustainability. This huge corporation recently sent out an email blast to clients and potential clients urging people to put on more sustainable events.

from wikimedia.org

from wikimedia.org

The email mentions the ISO 20121 events standard of 2012 that was implemented coinciding with the London Olympics in 2012. IOS is the International Organization for Standardization and is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. It is well known that large events take a major toll on the environment, by increasing the use of energy and other natural resources, which is why the ISO came up with this standard. The standard lists this organization’s requirements for an event sustainability management system for all types of industries, and provides guidelines to meet these requirements.

I think it is extremely smart of M&C meetings to start promoting this organization’s 2012 standard. M&C can now promote itself as an event coordinating company that is working to run a sustainable business and is helping other companies be more eco-friendly.

In the recent mail blast they put out, M&C acknowledges what a big environmental impact events have, especially large events. However M&C was extremely smart about bringing this up and found a way to use these impacts to its advantage. The corporation is now putting on a live webcast to help other companies put on more sustainable events that meet the ISO 20121 standards.

from pixabay

from pixabay

This is a clever move by M&C, because by putting on this seminar, and encouraging companies to put on sustainable events, M&C is making itself look much better.

The company is promoting this webcast not only by sending out email blasts to clients but also through other online platforms including the company website, to push M&C’s commitment and support for sustainability. In addition the company has put on seminars and other informational discussions about this topic and is really pushing the need for more sustainable events in everyway it can to drive home the point.

Since M&C is such a large and influential company, by encouraging these practices the company will probably make some really beneficial improvements for how future events are put on in relation to their environmental impacts. So not only is this company doing a good deed for society and helping out the environment, but it is also helping its brand image simultaneously.


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