Tips to Create an Effective Infographic

Fox-Fishnets-Pollute This week we were assigned to create an infographic for a company or organization of choice as a class assignment. I decided to create mine for a company I have become very impressed by, called Bureo Skateboards.

Bureo is a new eco-friendly company with a very unique business model. The company started the first ever-recycling program for fishnets. Fishing pollution makes up a huge portion of our ocean waste, so Bureo is making a huge environmental impact. The company collects these nets and uses them to create its sustainable skateboards.

I have been extremely impressed by Bureo and its environmental goals and creative business model. More people should know about this company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and strive to come up with strategies like Bureo’s to help the environment. I have decided to make my infographic on Bureo’s behalf in order to educate the public about the company’s practices.

I think an infographic would be an extremely helpful way for this progressive company to promote itself. Since skateboards are Bureo’s main products, the company’s target audience is young people, so social media is a phenomenal way to reach this audience and educate them about the company and its sustainable products. Infographics are a great way to get information across to people on social media because if done correctly they capture people’s eye and are quick and easy to understand.

In Jason Miller’s words, they are “a visual interpretation of [a company’s] brand message…in a fun format that can be easily shared (Jason Miller, 2013),” so they are perfect for teaching people about a company’s practices in a quick way. For a new company, like Bureo that is targeting a  visually driven, web savvy audience, infographics are an ideal way to portray information.

Here are some of the best practices I will be using to make my infographic, and that I suggest for your own infographic:

  1. Simplicity is Key: Infographics should be simple and easy to read, especially if they are intended for social media use, because people need to be able to grasp the content quickly and easily. The most effective infographics portray information in simple and easy to understand ways, which is exactly what I am shooting for.
  2. Needs to Be Visually Appealing: Infographics are most effective when they grab people’s attention because they are visually appealing. You want your infographic to make people stop and want to look at it, so they need to be colorful and artistic. That said keep the colors to a minimum (just a few), so it’s not overwhelming. And also keep in mind balance, contrast, and a focal point when designing your graphic.
  • Balance your content so that it is easy on the eye. Use white space and an imaginary grid to help maintain the balance.
  • Have contrasting elements such as a serif and a sans serif font, or contrasting colors.
  • Have a focal point that the eye is drawn to, such as one large image, surrounded by smaller images or stats.
  1. Content Matters: While some people may think that content is not very important for a good infographic, the fact is it’s not only important it’s critical. Infographics are made to display information, if there is no information to display then there is no need for an infographic. Infographics should teach the viewer something, and if they don’t they are unsuccessful. Also just as people are more likely to view your infographic if it is visually appealing they are also more likely to take the time to understand it if the content it’s displaying is interesting. Hint: Come up with your content, or story before you start creating your infographic.
  2. Use those Stats: To make your infographic credible use statistics and reliable information to back up your content.
  3. Have a Marketing Plan: Know what platforms and media you want to market your infographic through. Create your infographic with your media platforms in mind to maximize success. Then actually promote it.
  4. Keep it Professional: Even though it may be fun and pretty it still needs to be professional to show your business or organization off well. Remember it is a tool to brand your company with, so make it something you are proud of.


Miller, Jason. (November 17, 2013). 12 Insights for Visual Content Success with Infographics. Retrieved from:


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